Music Groups

Music Therapy Groups

Groups focus on supporting child development through natural interactions as well as supporting peer relationships amongst group participants. Therapeutic music interventions are designed to encourage individual expression, increase social-emotional development, support emotional attunement of self and others as well as support educational goals and learning. Music and movement organizes interactions amongst a child and their peers along with increasing body awareness and creative self- expression.


Meli Music can be found around the community providing music therapy groups in a variety of settings, including schools, developmental clinics, hospice centers, retirement centers, mental health hospitals, residental recovery treatment homes, and more.


Music & Me Music Group

This group is designed to support children under 5 years of age with their parent(s). Activities specifically support the parent/child relationship while increasing the child’s awareness and engagement with peers. Group sizes range from 4-12 children, maintaining a ratio of one adult for every five children.


Music Lesson Groups

Meli Music offers group music lessons to all ages and abilities! Catering towards the learning style of each student, lesson plans and content are customized for each student based on their interests. Instruments may include, but are not limited to, piano, guitar, violin, autoharp, drum set, percussion, accordion, music theory, composition, and more. Length of lesson varies between 30, 45 and 60 minutes, based upon agreed time between student/family and Meli Music. 




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