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Meli Music offers many of our services remotely through Telehealth.  This allows us to connect with so many more individuals who might otherwise not have access to our services!  All you need is an internet connection, and a computer, smart phone or tablet.

Our Telehealth services include Music Therapy, Neurologic Music Therapy, Adapted Music Lessons, Traditional Music Lessons and  Workshops and Trainings

L is enjoying music therapy via Skype as much as he does in person! Melissa, you have been an angel sent to us! L has been spelling words ever since he started doing it with you during music. He also sings during other activities -- both academically and for fun! It really helps him focus." -L's Mom

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Personal Desk

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed and was impacted by your music therapy sessions while I was in virtual care for support with an eating disorder.  I always wondered what we would do and I was always amazed after each session.  I still have the playlist we made and keep adding to it.  It helps me feel connected to the others in the program and gives me a sense of strength and perseverance.


I also wanted you to know that the day we composed a song, I wrote the song “I Am Afraid” which was about my decision whether or not to resign from my job.  It was so helpful for me in finding clarity!  I resigned on Tuesday of this week and while my co-workers & supervisors were sad, they were supportive of me taking the time to take care of myself.  How powerful is music?!  


I so wish I could share my depth of my gratitude in (virtual) person but I was unexpectedly discharged from care yesterday.  Please know how important and meaningful your work was to me.

-S. T. 




Everywhere, USA for Telehealth

Chicago and Los Angeles for in-person

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